Sometimes when teaching dance it can start off as a passion but when you have been teaching for years on end and still not seeing your life progress whilst your friends who have stable jobs are settling down, having kids, buying houses and driving nice cars you can often feel if following your passion for a living is worth it.

As years go by as a self employed dance teacher you kind of get use to the lifestyle of irregular income and so you settle for it as who would employ you now ? You ask yourself… and to be honest you have a point when good paid jobs are scarce and are always given to those who already have experience in that field. So where does that leave you?

Well, if you made the commitment to become a dancepreneur the possibilites are actually endless, especially living in the era of the internet age. Back when you first started teaching dance you decided to make a living from your passion didn’t you? Well believe me.. now is NOT the time to give up ! Start dreaming again and lets make your dream a reality. There’s more for you…

You see back in the 90′s life was pretty bleak for me, I was a working single mum and from the stresses of working the 9-5 in online marketing led me to having a nervous breakdown… and that was when I decided to go back to my passion of dance and become a dance teacher and never suffered any stress related symptoms again because I was doing something I loved and on my terms. So for me it wasn’t about the money at the time it was more about my health and sharing my passion of dance with others.

However, as time went by teaching dance part time during school term time only I began to feel fustrated that I couldn’t plan for things properly when I didn’t know how much I would be getting from month to month… But I was determined to stick with the dance industry and have belief in myself and trust myself to follow my dreams. Fast forward 15 years and now I am a dance teacher trainer, serial dancepreneur, speaker, business coach and video marketing expert.

One of my businesses was called DanceMass Online Studios launched in 2008. I helped many international dance teachers / choreographer teach dance online. Heres what many had to say at the time..

  • Do you feel like you are limited to how much you can earn as a local dance teacher?
  • Do you feel fustrated when you love what you do but you still are not reaching your life goals?
  • Do you wish you had regular income coming in even if the schools are closed?

However there was some pitfalls in the DanceMass business model at that time that only adds to my experience as a busines coach of what works and what doesn’t work hence you reading this right now. What I learnt was what does work is that teaching dance online is the wave of the future but what didn’t work was me being the middle man to make it happen for others. You see dance teachers will make LOADS more money if they were to set up themselves and add it on as another service to their existing brand or dance school ! With YouTube focusing on wiping many dancers videos audio due to music copyright reasons leaving dancers in awe has led to dancers now having to take responsibility to create their own online dance class services.. and in my opinion it is a blessings for the dance industry as a whole.

For years too many dancers have been selling themselves short.. or even for free. It’s time now to step into your power and fully claim what is yours ! You have worked hard to become a dance teacher and you deserve to be paid for it.

But what’s even more exciting is that by teaching dance online you can earn a REGULAR recurring monthly passive income.. I mean isn’t that your dream?

So by now I’m sure you know that I am more than qualified to be teaching you what it takes to set up your online dance class business.. and yes I say business because the potential of this opportunity is that you can have a global business attracting international students learning to dance your routines from anywhere in the world… and If you already have a brand or a dance school then you already have instant customers waiting for an opportunity to be able to use your online dance class services right now !

So here’s what you will get inside this training:

  • Personal Access To The Online Dance Class Business Blueprint
  • Step By Step Instructions To Build Your Online Business The Right Way
  • 5 x Video Training Modules
  • 5 x Presentation Handouts for Notes
  • 5 x Step Checklist
  • Resources Kit

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